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Dear Mr. Beenhakker:

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#1 ~SkibaFelix~

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Napisano 15 wrzesień 2008 - 16:05

Dear Mr. Beenhakker:

There is a flaw in your logic. Indeed, you are right that you try to bet money on the players that can improve and be great; this strategy lead to the 2:1 victory over Portugal, and the belief in their own ability helped the Polish national team to, on the skin of their teeth, tie Portugal away 2:2.
For the major part, you are correct dear sir; but as I wrote there is a flaw in your logic.
Not all players will achieve their fullest potential, nor will they do it in one game: it is unlikely that thunder will strike twice in the same place as it did in the game against Portugal.
Not using the players such as Wichniarek or Jelen is simply wrong. I do understand that these men are playing their very best every weekend and they cannot improve; they already have reached their potential, at least in your view (you may be wrong).
However, some times, it is better to win a game with a player who will burn out within a season or two than to suffer a defeat with a man who might have won the game for you, if he were at his best.

Sincerely, Robert Kolakowski son of Stanislaw
Elizabeth, NJ, 07202

Players such as Wichniarek or Jelen, if they indeed play at their best and leave a little health on the field every weekend will burn out pretty soon or they will get injured; there is only a little precious time to use them.
formerly of Bialystok


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Napisano 08 grudzień 2008 - 21:05

<_< :unsure: :huh: B)

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